Corporate photo

LETA Photo offers various corporate photo services: snapshots at press conferences, seminars, photographs of production processes and goods, construction of new buildings and facilities, various events, and others. LETA brand guarantees speediness, quality and reliability. Furthermore, LETA has experience of servicing legal entities for near 20 years. Companies and organizations that choose to use LETA Photo services can generate extra publicity: upon request photographs may be included in LETA Photo Archive and made available to the media.

Press conferences, seminars

For the needs of the media, LETA Photo takes pictures at the most important sociopolitical, economic, cultural and sports press conferences on a daily basis. However, LETA Photo also offers photographing press conferences held by companies and organizations, as well as seminars and various public events.

Production and presentations of new products

Photographs of the production process at a company give the public a chance to have a glimpse at what is happening backstage and to have a better understanding of the company. LETA Photo services may also be used to prepare visuals for websites, booklets and other materials, or to supplement information to the company’s customers, cooperation partners, and suchlike.

Corporate events

An excellent opportunity for staff members to have a vivid memory of an event organized by a given company or organization, be it an anniversary, a sports outing, or other such event. The photographs are not included in LETA Archives if the client wishes so. LETA Photo follows developments and companies and organizations that may be of interest to the mass media and LETA.

Interior and exterior pictures

Photographs of the interior or exterior of a location give the viewer the feeling of presence, make the information more compelling, or simply give aesthetic pleasure to anyone who happens to look at them.

Photo sessions

LETA Photo offers photo sessions in a studio or on the company/organization’s premises. If necessary, stylists may be involved. Clients may use the pictures to illustrate information for the mass media, place them on the company/organization’s website and in other representative materials, or use them for their personal purposes. Understanding what the media want, and the experience of providing services for corporate clients make it possible to enjoy the best possible result.


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