About us

LETA Photo is the leading photography agency in Latvia that captures the key public, political, economic, cultural and sports events on a daily basis. LETA photographers’ skill in capturing the moment is also used by companies and organizations for their history annals, which are offered corporate photo services. By using the services offered by LETA Photo, companies and organizations create additional publicity, because, upon request, their photographs may be included in LETA Photo Archive, from which they are available to the media. LETA Photo was renewed in 2005, whereas the first picture taken by a LETA photographer dates back to August 1931.

LETA Photo team is made up of four photographers: Ieva Čīka, Evija Trifanova, Lita Krone and Edijs Pālens, plus photography editor Velta Kalniņa. LETA Photo is run by photography editor Elita Cīrule. In the course of time, each photographer has found themes closest to his or her heart and disposition, but in daily work, every one of them can do their assignments on the highest professional level, with a touch of individual interpretation. The scope of subjects the photographers have to work with is highly diverse: politicians and businessmen, culture and arts, sports and much, much more. That is why in LETA Photo Archives you will find photographs of nearly all imaginable types.


LETA Video’s film about LETA photographers

You can find out more or order our services by filling out the application, calling us on the telephone: 67216689, or writing to e-mail: foto@leta.lv.